KolTs BioEdit

Born 32st March 1992, Jose entered the world at an astonishing 302lbs...

17 years on, Jose registered onto GamesForum and became an active member in the community, posting and giving his views on several topics across all the boards, whether they made sense or not.

An interesting fact about Jose is that his right hand does not have any feeling as the nerves in his fist snapped after a fight with a wall. Safe to say, the wall won.

Gaming interestEdit

He first picked up a game around the age of seven, and has always been a keen gamer since. He still plays one of the first games he was ever introduced to - Civ 2.

His gaming started to become a bit more serious than just for fun when he was picked up by a semi professional CoD team during late 2009, and played several competitions with them. He left in the early months of 2010 to set up his own team, which he originally started a doubles. After the first season on PS3leaderboards, his team was 1st until the last weeks of the tourney, when they were slacking off and beaten twice. They finished 3rd overall with 63 wins and 2 losses. The next season they played more offence and finished 2nd with 79 wins and 1 loss.

The team then grew and developed a YouTube channel, which to date has 901 subscribers. There is 10 or so members in Genetically Modified Gaming, and have stopped recruiting to develop the skills needed as a team to enter the big competitions.

(more to come)