Lord of the bees

Master of the honey

Patch ManzyP Scales (Jan 18th 1993) is known as many things to many people. Prior to games forum, he had many illustrious careers, including worm taming, dog food testing and designing Marmite jars. Joining games forum on the 7th of December 2008 Patch did little but spam crude drawings and spread entertaining abuse. Little has changed. In recent years Patch continues to contribute poorly towards game orientated subjects, but has found a home in the General Chat section of the forum. Someone within the admin of Gamesforum even considered him worth of Modship where he has since banned many a bot and advertiser with justice and honour.

Family and Early Life Edit

Patch was born in a traditional manner for his species, kicking a screaming in a pool of his own genetic material. Born to an unassuming family unit, he had a short labour (20mins or less) which his mother always presumed was due to his deep and unending hunger.


Young Patch

Chillaxing in his youth skin, age 2.

Taken home to see extended family, his older brother fed him Cocopops from the spoon, endangering his life and potentially warping his already oddly shaped head (which is also linked to his grandmother falling asleep on his head as a 2 day old baby).

Patch was educated at a local primary school, passing his SATS like the badass motherbitch he is, which totally showed his teacher Year 6 who he is in no way afraid of. His early failings in PE, since linked to his Year 6 teacher shouting at him for not understanding Rounders, when he was off ill the lesson they explained how to play it, have always crippled his desire to partake in any sporting activity, however an early interest in Science and Cups lead Patch onwards, to skip forum education, and study with Tibetan Cup Warriors.

Time With Tibetan Cup WarriorsEdit