Poseidon, God of the Sea, Commander of Meme

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Name 3:

L. Lawliet

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Name 5:

Poseidon the Second


Human: 13 - Memeonite: 313

A Brief IntroductionEdit

Some call him Jed, others Poseidon, others L, some even the USER OF A BILLION NAMES. He is an angry child, who seems to find every thread annoying, despite being on a forum.

He was born on January 11th 1997, the child of a Monk, and a Meme. His birth name was Tal-El Meme Johnson the Fifth. Not much is known about his past, except his career as a self-meme raiser, and his time at meme camp, where he was befriended by a group of Sci-fi and comic loving heroes.

Solving the Kira CaseEdit

When I took on the role of L, a few years ago, I decided to capture Kira, the mass murderer, with seemingly impossible leads, that some times make little sense. I was killed off to make room for two new characters, despite me being the best, but whatever. That is the tough life of an anime actor. I was briefly resurrected in the film adaptations. Then killed off again in L: Change the WorLd, that made no sense. From there, my DNA has been adapted into plush toys. I've been idolised by weird people from Wales, also. I think his name was something Clark.

Self-Meme Raiser - 2005-2007Edit

I travelled the globe, giving speeches from 2005-2007, trying to raise people's self-meme.

"If you can believe, you can meme." - Jed Clark

These were hugely succesful, and it resulted in four books, a DVD on his career, and a huge fan base.

My Time at Meme CampEdit

After my illustrious career, I was picked up by meme camp, trying to fix naughty kids, and to teach them the way of the "MEME": Mortifying Extra Molesting Extravanganzamatron.